Name necklace, bespoke pendant for your loved ones. A unique gift for mums, brides, partners
 Custom Name necklace, bespoke pendant for your loved for mums, brides, partners
Name necklace, custom name jewellery
Name necklace, 3d printed custom gold name jewellery
Personalised gold name necklace

Eternity Necklace

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You can not capture the moment but can capture love in the most timeless and elegant way. Eternity Necklace is for those, who prefer necklace over rings. We with the same idea in mind, created the necklace form of our preferred eternity line, melting 2 names in the pot of Love & care. 

The options are endless with our personalised pendant - Maybe you’d like the names of your children combined in one necklace; your name fused with the name of the one you love or even just a meaningful statement. This Pendant is the perfect gift for a special anniversary or birthday and for mums who would love to have their children`s names on their chest. 

And now, we can add a little heart at the bottom of your necklace, just write yes to the shape box while purchasing.

The 18" chain is included. (Gold, Gold Plated Brass or Silver; it depends on the material of the necklace)

Materials: 18ct Gold, 14ct Gold, Silver, Gold Plated Brass

Delivery: Creating a unique piece of 3D printed jewellery for you and your loved ones takes some time and of course, we want it to be perfect. That’s why our shipment time is between 30 - 40 days. This allows for the time to create the bespoke design, manufacturing time and postage.

Return Policy: We cannot offer refunds or exchanges for bespoke pieces of jewellery.